Broad Capabilities. Focused Expertise.

Capitalize on Talcott Resolution’s broad range of capabilities that combine our execution-focused and experienced team with state-of-the-art technology to meet complex insurance risk management needs.

Our end-to-end, enterprise-wide daily asset and liability reporting, and proven risk management strategies have successfully derisked balance sheets through financial crises and guided risk decisioning in benign and stressed markets. The result is that our award-winning risk management team can help efficiently redeploy capital to generate business growth and shareholder value.

Our comprehensive and scalable risk platform allows us to quickly adapt to market volatility and constantly changing industry regulations. It has evolved over nearly two decades and multiple financial crises.

By leveraging the computational efficiency of our patented valuation engine, we perform nested stochastic reserve and hedging projections to effectively determine accurate risk capital levels.

Our seamlessly integrated in-house and vendor analytical platform facilitates the tracking and valuing of investment and hedging positions daily, allowing us to proactively manage liquidity and market risk for assets, liabilities, derivatives, and fixed income.

We are experts in designing hedge strategies ranging from daily, dynamically rebalanced programs, to long-term macro programs.

Across the company, our employees and leaders are active members of national, state, and industry organizations where we influence important decisions impacting legislation and regulatory changes that are vital to the insurance industry.

Our expandable, cloud-based infrastructure includes our innovative fund pricing and trading systems, scalable policy administration system, the prioritization of protection of company and client data against cyber threats, and remote work capabilities for all employees across the company.

With our variable annuity modeling platform, we can carefully track and predict what actions contract holders may take to help understand the best way to manage related risks.

We are responsible for a diverse book of in-force businesses including variable, fixed, and payout annuities, and private placement life insurance. Leveraging our employees’ extensive product knowledge and our execution-focused leadership team, we tailor risk solutions that fit our clients’ needs.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

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